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his ownCloud 8.x spreadsheets plugin was mainly part of a research thesis for the Univeristy of Applied Sciences in Vorarlberg, Austria. As a result the app lacks a lot of handy features
Main motivation for developing this spreadsheet app for ownCloud was the following thread on Github: [App spec: spreadsheet editor #126]
# Development
At the moment, I don’t have time and intentions to continue development of this package. If you feel like you are missing functionality, or more importantly, came across a bug, feel free to fix it! For an indication of open issues, look at the ToDo list below.
### Version
0.1 Initial alpha release
### Tech
This app makes use of other open source libraries to parse and display the results. Thanks to them!
* [PHPExcel] A pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files
* [handsontable] an Excel-like data grid / spreadsheet for HTML & JavaScript.
* [handsontable-rulejs] Javascript library to parse excel formulas
### Installation
Simply go to your ownCloud installation and search for “spreadsheets” in the plugin section
### Todo’s
* Write Tests
* Add support for saving ODF files
* Add support for downloading files
* Add support for creating new files
* Add support to modify metadata
* Add support to alter worksheets (e.g. renaming, deleting and adding worksheets)
* Add support for file uploading on the app index
* Add support for sheet collaboration
* And a lot more… 😉
### Known issue(s)
* File date is displayed incorrectly
[GNU Affero General Public License version 3.0]
[GNU Affero General Public License version 3.0]:
[App spec: spreadsheet editor #126]: